Void Revolution
Void is a text-based online multiplayer Space themed game.
It will feature:
  • Space trading - make money by buying Plasma, Metals and Carbon at low prices and selling them high
  • Alliances - team up with other people and computer-controlled players to form powerful alliances
  • Battle - defend your territory, become a space pirate, or just take out your enemies. Battle is a key element to the game
  • Exploration - The universe is vast, and interestingly shaped. Explore it and find a place to call home, find other player's homes, claim territory for your alliance, drop "sentinels" to guard sectors, or load a sector with mines to blow up your competition. You can even put up space banners - to send a message to anyone who comes to the sector.
  • Colonization - take people from Earth and bring them to new worlds, where they will work hard to produce goods, which you can then sell for a hefty profit! You can even build up edifices on your planet which will be armed and help to defend the sector from infiltration.
  • Cruising - Void Revolution features twenty different spaceships from several ship manufacturers, each with different qualities. Some are powerful battleships, some are swift explorers, some are built to move tons of products and people, and others are just well rounded vessels. Save up your credits (the in-game currency) to purchase whatever ship you want. Build your own armada. Look out for the ships manufactured by the legendary company "Void", with spacecraft so mind-blowingly powerful that the game was named after them.
  • Quests - take on quests and earn rewards, or the appreciation of an alliance. If an alliance appreciates you, they'll get your back, and hopefully invite you to join them. Quests range from finding sets of items, to bounty hunting, and more...
  • More - the universe is vast and your have many options. If you want, you can just fly around blowing up random computer-controlled players (referred to as 'mobs'), or attempting to capture their ships to add to your armada. Or... you could make it your goal to be the thorn in the side of some other player, perhaps your friend from real life, or your enemy.

How to be an alpha tester
Windows Users
Windows users can use any telnet client, but Void works best by far using the free telnet client called Putty
Here are the instructions for setting up putty for playing void
  • Download Putty
  • Run putty by double-clicking it after it is downloaded
  • For host name, put playvoid.servegame.com (See Screenshot)
  • For port, put 5005 (See Screenshot)
  • For protocol, select "telnet" (See Screenshot)
  • Below "Saved Sessions" type 'Void', then click Save (See Screenshot)
  • Now you have saved a session called "Void", it will show up in your session list when you start putty. (See Screenshot)
  • Double-click "Void" in that list. (Whenever you want to play void, you will just open putty and double click "Void")
  • Once you are connected, you will see some information such as news, and then you will be asked to login
  • At the "Login:" prompt, enter a three to 18 character name to identify yourself. This will NOT neccessarily be the name of your character in the game.
  • It will ask for a password. Enter anything here, it won't actually be used as your password, we will get to that later.
  • It will then say that you are not recognized, and ask if you want to register a new login.
  • Answer the questions that it asks you. Remember to enter your REAL e-mail address, I will be verifying these e-mail addresses and deleting anybody that I can't verify.
  • When registration is complete, log in using your new login ID and your password.
  • Create your character, and name your ship! Now you are playing void.
Linux/Unix/Mac OS X Users
telnet playvoid.servegame.com 5005

How to play Void
The void universe is made up of "sectors." Each sector represents a region of space that you could compare to our solar system. A particular game of void can have any number of sectors (You have to have at least 6, and even then I think my program might explode with that few), but the game of void that is currently running on my computer for beta testing has 5,000 sectors. That is a large, but not huge, universe.

When you start a game, your player starts at sector 0. Sector 0 is where Earth is. From there, you can go to any sector up to 4999, but because the universe is a "graph", each sector is adjacent to a certain number of other sectors. Therefore, in order to fly to a particular location, the computer will need to calculate a flight path (Unless, that is, the sector you are going to is a neighbor of the sector you are in). To better understand, look at the following diagram of the first few sectors in the current void game that was obviously drawn by a monkey.

Here we can see:
  • Sector 0 connects to sectors 1,2,3,4 and 5
  • Sector 1 doesn't connect to any sectors besides 0.
  • For whatever reason, sector 2 connects to 12. These graphs are generated randomly so don't ask me.
  • Sector 3 connects to 6, 7 and 8.
  • Sector 4 only connects to 9 and 0.
  • And so on...
  • So the only way to get from sector 0 to sector 9 is through sector 4. From 0, go to 4 to 9. That is your flight path.
  • Try it. Log in, and starting from sector 0, type "m 9" to move to sector 9. The computer will calculate that you need to go to 4 and then to 9. Hit enter (which is the same as typing "Y" or "yes") and you will fly off to sector 9, and there you can see what sectors are adjacant to 9 because the monkey left them off the diagram. Actually, there is only one, and it happens to be sector 3966, but that is a fluke. Usually you would see a number closer in value, like maybe in the twenties.
Note:You can abbreviate most commands, for example, 'm' instead of 'move
The currently available commands are:
  • Help (or ?): Displays the available commands, similar to the text you are looking at now. Example: "?"
  • Move [sector]: Moves your current ship to the specified sector, Example: "move 9" or "m 9", or even "mo 9"
  • Display: Displays information about the current sector. Example "d"
  • News: Display the current news articles posted by the admin (in this case, me)
  • Port: This allows you to port at an outpost for trading. This is the primary mode of generating money.
  • Dock: This docks you at stardock, where you can buy various things such as ships, weapons, shields, and more...
  • Beam: Teleport to another ship in your fleet
  • Tow: Engage tractor beam on another of your ships to carry it around
  • # (or hail): Hail another player with a message
  • $ (or transmit): Transmit a message to everyone in your sector
  • status: check your score and other status information
  • checkmail: check your mail
  • mail: mail a player
  • quit: This will end your Void session until you log on again. This one must be typed exactly 'quit' without the quote marks.
  • And much more to come!: This is only the beginning of the commands that will be available. I will be adding new ones frequently.

Question: This seems like Trade Wars. Is this Trade Wars?
Answer: No.
Question: I don't like text based games. I can't keep an interest in a game that doesn't have graphics. It's hard to visualize what is going on. Help!
Answer: I admit, games like this take a certain amount of patience and imagination, but once you get used to them, they are REALLY REALLY REALLY fun. I promise, give it a chance, and with the proper understanding you will love it. Also, we can all hope that someone will make a graphical client for Void. In fact I already have someone in mind. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!
Question: Putty is for windows. I use Linux. Can I play?
Answer: My friend, of course you can. Open a terminal or a terminal emulator and type "telnet playvoid.servegame.com 5005" and you are all set. Just make sure you have ANSI enabled.. you should be good to go. I use gnome-terminal and it works great.
Question: Can I stay logged in all day and go wherever I want and do whatever I want?
Answer: For now, sort of. You are limited in how much you can move by 'turns' which you spend by moving. Bigger starships use up more turns. Occassionally I do take the server down to put new changes into action, so you can't rely on staying connected at all.
Question: I found a problem or a bug. What do I do?
Answer: Visit Here to log a bug.
Question: I want a new feature, or a change to a current feature
Answer: Visit Here to log a request for enhancement (RFE).
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